The collaborative process brings a breath of freshness and life into the design process.

As a Creative, Designer, Stylist, + Artist it is my responsibility to unmask the beauty within the mundane and showcase it in a visually striking and comprehensible form.  

I draw upon my foundation and education of the Fine Arts to establish aesthetics, whereas my design background inspires the conveyance of concepts and the perception of beauty.

My design/creative process relies on constantly shifting my focus from the macro to the micro.  The big picture intrinsically dictates how I perceive and relay the use of details (micro.) 

I am inspired by bringing others' visions into fruition and I bring those visions of beauty to life. I believe all things have the potential to be beautiful - it just requires vision and creativity to bring that to the foreground.




I view myself as a Creative Collaborator + Consultanversus a Designer or Stylist because I must draw upon my creativity, utilize my skill set to thread the ideas and concepts of my associates into a clear, cohesive completion, + exercise empathy.

In working as a Collaborator I must keep an objective P.O.V. in order to ensure the end result is not my vision, but the vision of the individuals I work with, which ultimately becomes our vision. When collaborating on projects in an array of mediums such as fashion, film, print, photography, multimedia, and music, I serve as a sounding board from conception to realization while bringing that vision to life.  

I provide objectivity, feedback, tools, and new ways of thinking -- to best bring a vision to life in the most impactful, beautiful, and comprehensible fashion.    

                                            -Ashley Lake, 2014.