Post NewCo Fest NY '14

NewCo Fest took place here in New York this past Wednesday and Thursday, which was an amazing experience to participate in-- After NewCo my sinus infection came back with even more vengeance,  however I was able to get to a doctor yesterday and the antibiotics should start kicking in soon!!!  I am planning on updating my blog in the next day or so to show what I have been working on lately, but in the meantime I wanted to share this amazing link the designer at showed me when I was visiting The Atavist and Longreads offices last week.

click me plz ☺

NAVIGATION + wireframing

I am back in action after being sick for 10+ days and playing catch up on sleep.

The minute I was able to think coherently again I started woking intensely on figuring the navigation of my on-demand web service and accompanying iOS app.  

Tonight I started toying around building lo-fi wireframes, however before jumping into that I wanted to get a sense of where things will be initially placed.  Below are the initial navigational sketches from my notes.

symmetry + film + ux = ♡

I've always loved Wes Anderson films due to the cinematic qualities of his body of work

♡ whenever you pause one of his films no matter where in a sequence the frame is always a beautifully balanced composition

♡ Wes's use of color to tell a narrative | visual story-telling at it's finest

♡ the power of imagery 


♡ Rule of 3's


Never Too Late To Start...

I wanted to document my notes and findings while working on my Ux portfolio.  I started my project with a series of User Interviews consisting of 10 questions focused around the user's daily frustrations, online + mobile purchasing behaviors, and what makes on-demand mobile and web applications appealing.


Below are snippets from my ongoing User Interviews